5 December 2013 - Brussels, Belgium

European Sustainable Biofuels Forum – Building the Biofuels Industry: A Hurdle Race

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Presentation by: Vitor Vedelho, A4F

23-25 September 2013 - Hangzhou, China

BIT's 2nd Annual International Congress of Algae 2013

24-25 April 2013 - Vienna, Austria

European Algae Biomass

9 February, 2012

EU Workshop: Life Cycle Analysis of Algal Based Biofuels

Presentation by: Mario Trecidi, University of Florence, “Energy balance of microalgae cultures in photo-bioreactors and ponds.”

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Presentation by: Daniel Maga, Fraunhofer UMSICHT, Business Unit Resources Management, “Life Cycle Analysis for algal biofuels produced from waste water the All-Gas Project"

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Presentation by: Maria Ángeles Gutiérrez Montero, Abengoa Bioenergía Nuevas Tecnologías “Algae LCA Features”

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24-27 October , 2011 - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Algae Biomass Summit

Presentation by: John Kneiss, Hart Energy, Director Government Affairs and U.S. Policy Services, Hart Energy, “EU Algae Developments"

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8 June, 2011 - Berlin

19th European Biomass Conference

Presentation by: Maelle Soares Pinto, Director Biofuels Europe & Africa

“Algal Biofuel Developments in the EU”

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